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XO TOUR Llif3: Most Important Song of 2017

XO TOUR Llif3: Most Important Song of 2017 by Spencer Wilkins I never thought this day would come, but here we are. I'm about to say something positive about Lil Uzi Vert. Since Uzi broke into the rap world as a XXL freshman, nothing this Philly native has done impressed me. His rhyme schemes were mind numbingly simple. And... Continue Reading →

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On This Day, May 24th

50 Cent Is Shot 9 Times On this day the world almost lost Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. Jackson sat in his car. Parked outside his grandmother's home, he often took refuge here when his mom's house became too chaotic. Sitting another car screeched parallel to his own. In a frantic flurry Darryl Baum fired 9... Continue Reading →

On This Day, May 23rd

Jordan Sparks Wins American Idol It's crazy what can happen in 10 years. 10 years ago Senator Barack Obama was the first black candidate selected by the Democratic Party. 10 years ago bit and coin were two separate words not a currency. And 10 years ago Americans huddled around the Tv to their favorite contestant show,... Continue Reading →

On This Day, May 22nd

Bruce Springsteen Releases His First Song 51 Years Ago Bruce Springsteen could have been named John Doe. In 1966 New Jersey's very own boss was an unknown lead singer of an even more obscure band The Castiles. On this day, Springsteen dropped his first ever recording with The Castiles "That's What You Get".  The recording... Continue Reading →

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