On This Day, May 23rd

Jordan Sparks Wins American Idol

It’s crazy what can happen in 10 years. 10 years ago Senator Barack Obama was the first black candidate selected by the Democratic Party. 10 years ago bit and coin were two separate words not a currency. And 10 years ago Americans huddled around the Tv to their favorite contestant show, American Idol. This show was a societal phenomena at its peak. It was how you found common ground with coffee toothed co-workers and oddly warted relatives. The show gained such a huge following by turning fans from passive watchers into participants. They carried out this procedure by allowing fans to vote for which contestant they wanted to remain on the show. And ten years ago Jordan Sparks was voted into Idol victory. The powerhouse vocalist sadly has not maintained the level of fame she was propelled towards. To commemorate her powerhouse voice give a listen to this perfectly crystalized gem from pop fame. The song No Air featuring choir boy Chris Brown.


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