On This Day, May 24th

50 Cent Is Shot 9 Times

On this day the world almost lost Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. Jackson sat in his car. Parked outside his grandmother’s home, he often took refuge here when his mom’s house became too chaotic. Sitting another car screeched parallel to his own. In a frantic flurry Darryl Baum fired 9 gun successive gun shots into Jackson’s body. Baum was a henchman. Allegedly, the attack was a result of the rapper’s song Ghetto Qu’ran. In this song 50 Cent detailed the violent and drug laced world surrounding him. Unfortunately the lyrics of the song were relayed to one Kenneth McGriff. McGriff was on top of the Bronx cocaine empire at the time of recording, he felt that 50 Cent was a bit too detailed in his lyrical descriptions and ordered a hit on Jackson’s life. Hot powder reeking in the muggy air. Knowing his neighbor hood, a flinch would have been irregular at the deafening shots. The most life alarming bullet was shot into his cheek. This left Jackson’s tongue permanently swollen, giving him the signature slurred cadence in his music. Always the warrior he didn’t let this incident deter him from music, no, from this event he pushed further. Completing the Aftermath trio of Dr. Dre-Eminem-50 Cent he’s created multi platinum albums and singles alike.

Although it’s not his song I’d highly recommend YG’s song Who Shot Me? in the spirit of today’s story.


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