In My AUX, May 19th

Cool Me Out, Lamont Dozier


On This Day, May 18th

Sam Smith Turns 25 On this day, British powerhouse Sam Smith turns 25. Smith is still a young artist with a full illustrious career ahead of him, so it's very easy to forget his breakout hit occurred 5 years ago. When Disclosure tapped Sam Smith for their wildly successful song Latch, they put a star on the... Continue Reading →

On This Day, May 17th

Daft Punk Releases R.A.M On this day Daft Punk blessed the world with their album Random Access Memories. The pioneering electronic they put their permanent stamp on the music industry with this LP. On this project, the duo departed from their all electronic method of song structure, instead they recruiting a smattering of talented musicians to... Continue Reading →

On This Day, May 16th

Michael Jackson Debuts Moonwalk It's 1983, and one of music's most prestigious label is Motown. They had signed a plethora of successful acts during the R&B/Funk boom of the 1970s and continued to flourish in the new decade. In a moment of indulgence Motown Records held a TV special, commemorating 25 successful years in the business.... Continue Reading →

On This Day, May 15th

Brian Eno Turns 69 On this day, we celebrate the silent hand guiding pop music since the 1970s. The pop scene receives a reputation of being stale and repetitive to a degree this is true. What's popular changes slowly and rarely, and there are few people who can influence a generation like Brian Eno did. Starting in a... Continue Reading →

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